Runners delight!

It’s been too long since I entered a post and as  I learn more about this blog and how to be fully functional, I am excited to finally have some cool weather usher in the fall running season.

What can I say about the month of October? Yes, it’s another year I get older but also the weather shifts to favor runners. The mornings are crisp and the days are comfortable, while the evenings are just right. If you have struggled during the 4-5 months of excrutiating summer heat not to mention getting up at 4 or 5am when its a cool 85-90 degrees, runners appreciate the the fall as it marks the beginning of 6 solid months of running in what I call a runners delight where you can get out for a run virtually any time of the day.

Recently I took on a new client as a running coach and truly enjoy helping others meet their goals while challenging them to be the best they can. It’s not a matter of how fast you are, but it does matter that you enjoy what you do. I’m a competitive person as my wife, family and friends can attest to, I’m truly passionate about running as I have been for over 25 years.. wow did I just date myself? and every year I learn something about myself in running through other runners and this is a place I would like to share those thoughts but also for you to share your thoughts in the world of running. This means talking about your great run you had, a new PR in a race, or struggling to get out the door. It’s a great way for all of us who share a common bond as runners to help keep the legs turning over while creating new memories and encouraging others to stay with a wonderful sport.

Feel free to post your blogs whethers it running, cycling, hiking, whatever gets you moving and having a great time.

Get out and enjoy the weather!

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Rain out

Our first group run was cancelled due to the downpour that came overnight and has continued throughout the morning today. Although the rain kept the group from meeting up, we will find a new date and time and run as a group soon. I did manage to get to the gym and log in a few miles so not all was lost. Now I’m going to enjoy the gloomy weather indoors and look for brighter days ahead!

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